Who Do Private Investigators Work For?

Private investigators perform a number of important functions, from criminal investigation to simple background reports. Here are a number of employers who often need the services of a good private investigator.

  • Celebrities: Living a high profile life is the stuff that dreams are made of, but it comes with many aggravations and responsibilities. There are overzealous fans to deal with, paparazzi, and people who simply want to get close to celebrities. They need a skilled buffer to guard and protect them, but they also need a security detail that protects their privacy and realizes that they, too, have lives. Sometimes they need VIP Bodyguards and they also need private investigators to tack down information on people who may be stalking or harassing them, or to find other information they may need.
  • Attorneys: Attorneys often need private security detectives to follow up details for them on cases, to do background checks and sometimes to follow people (like in divorce cases) and to perform full investigative duties. Private investigators can help with criminal cases and civil cases alike, but they are not police officers, so there are legal limitations as to what a private investigative detective can do.
  • Executives: Executive protection is a more common service provided by security guards and Private investigative officers these days. When a problem arises with someone bothering an executive or even a competitor needs to be investigated, however, business executives often turn to private detectives to help find the information that they need, from legal surveillance to criminal record checks.
  • Private Citizens: Unfortunately problems arise every day for private citizens too, and they sometimes need the services of a good private detective. In many cases a spouse may believe that their significant other is cheating on them, or a divorce may already be in process and help may be needed to settle custody cases. There are many instances where private citizens need the help of a skilled private investigator.
  • Insurance Companies: It would be nice if insurance companies can take claims at face value and people at their word but sadly the reality is they cannot. People make false claims and sometimes lie on claims, and often there is too much work to be done for insurance adjusters. This is where a great private investigator will come in handy.
  • Retail Stores: Aside from patrolling and watching retail goods and inventory in a store and preventing retail loss, private investigators are often employed by retail outlets to perform follow-up investigative work on employees or customers who may have committed or may be committing crimes like theft. Private investigators can also help train on site staff to prevent retail loss.
  • Corporations and Other Businesses: When new employees are hired, often management will hire a good private investigator firm to perform detailed criminal and background checks on potential employees. This is especially the case when it comes to positions of responsibility.

from Fast Investigators https://fastinvestigators.com/who-do-private-investigators-work-for/
Source: https://fastinvestigators.tumblr.com/post/160858445461


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