Ivanka Trump responds to Wall Street Journal editorial

First daughter and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump penned a response to a Wall Street Journal editorial titled “The Ivanka Entitlement” that called her paid leave plan messy, arguing in her letter that the plan would benefit women nationwide.

In a letter published Tuesday in the Journal, Trump defended the plan and argued that the greater presence of women in the workforce would buoy the economy.

“By now, many are familiar with the benefits of paid family leave: healthier children and parents in more tightly bonded families, greater financial stability and stronger attachment to the labor force are among the most important,” Trump wrote.

She also said that the policy supported both mothers and fathers to encourage greater equality at home and at work. Trump emphasized that she still does not believe government benefits should substitute private-sector investments and said the paid-leave benefits plan could serve as a foundation for private sectors to build from.

Trump concluded her piece by calling her policy proposal “an investment in America’s working families.”

The initial Wall Street Journal editorial, published on May 25, argued that her plan would fund leaves for people who did not need the financial assistance.

Source: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/07/05/ivanka-trump-respond-wall-street-journal-240229


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