Trump congratulates Iraqi prime minister on liberation of Mosul

In a phone call on Tuesday, President Donald Trump congratulated Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on eradicating ISIS forces from Mosul, the self-proclaimed caliphate’s largest stronghold. Trump also insisted upon keeping jihadist forces out of other "liberated areas."

Mosul, whose population was larger than Philadelphia at 1.8 million prior to the conflict, has still seen fighting — including airstrikes and shelling — since the territory was announced to have been reclaimed by Iraqi forces and the U.S. led coalition, according to an AP report.

While the White House has not formally rolled out a plan to defeat ISIS — which President Trump promised a press conference on within "two weeks" over a month ago — the administration’s readout of the call declared the liberation of Mosul a "a major milestone in the fight against ISIS."

"The President praised the heroism of the Iraqi and American soldiers and underscored his commitment to the total defeat of ISIS," the readout said.



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