Trump fundraising committees pull in $10.6 million during second quarter

Two fundraising committees affiliated with President Donald Trump raised $10.6 million between the start of April and the end of June of this year, drawing in significant funds from several donors without histories of giving large amounts to federal campaigns, according to FEC records.

The two joint fundraising committees, Trump Victory and the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, collect money that’s distributed to Trump’s campaign, the Republican National Committee and an array of state Republican parties.

The committees’ $10.6 million haul during the second quarter of 2017 is up from the $9.8 million raised during the first three months of the year.

But the source of those funds shifted dramatically in recent months: While only $1.51 million of the committee’s revenue came from donations of $200 or more between January and April of 2017, about $7.48 million of the money raised this quarter was in the form of larger donations.

The biggest donations given to Trump Victory and Trump Make America Great Again came from donors with limited histories of giving to Trump. The top donors, Lianbo Wang and Sherry Li of Oyster Bay, New York, gave a combined $600,000 to Trump Victory. A California-based couple listed as Ben and Lily Tang donated $300,000, and a donor named Dan Adams in South Carolina donated $100,000.

Though Li and Adams donated to Trump-related causes during the 2016 election, none of these donors had given more than $50,000 to a Trump cause, according to FEC records. Individuals are allowed to give close to $450,000 to the joint fundraising committees, which distribute money across multiple committees and funding streams.

The committees transferred $4.6 million of the money raised to Trump’s presidential campaign. They transferred $980,000 to the RNC. More than a dozen state parties also received transfers from Trump’s committees, including the Republican parties of Minnesota, Missouri and West Virginia.



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